Feel a Sore Throat Coming on? Use Your Honey Sticks to Make This Soothing 3 Ingredient Tea

Feel a Sore Throat Coming on? Use Your Honey Sticks to Make This Soothing 3 Ingredient Tea

As we continue to pass through December, we’re also reaching the peak of cold and flu season. If you’ve ever been unlucky enough to catch a seasonal bug, then you probably already know that one of the most uncomfortable side effects that can come from being sick is having to deal with a sore throat. They can get so bothersome that you can’t even focus on anything else but the irritating burning sensation coming from your inflamed throat. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways you can combat a sore throat, from medicine, lozenges, and sprays. However, perhaps one of the most popular and effective home remedies for dealing with this pesky bug is a cup of warm tea. If you’re interested in brewing tea for your sore throat and have honey sticks to spare, keep reading for a simple three ingredient recipe. 

The medicinal properties of honey, lemon, and chamomile

This recipe only uses honey, a squeeze of lemon, and chamomile tea. The reason that this tea is so effective is because each of these ingredients contain their own medicinal properties that can help boost your immune system while soothing your body and mind. Here’s a closer look at how these ingredients work to make you feel better when a sore throat has gotten the best of you:


If you’re wondering how to use a honey stick, then you’re in for a surprise when you find out that honey is an incredibly versatile ingredient. It’s most famous for being used in cooking and baking as a natural sweetener, but did you know honey is also commonly used in beauty treatments and wound/burn care? That’s because honey has powerful anti-bacterial properties, which is why it’s so good for combating sore throats. In this case, the honey in this tea can help to kill the infection lodged in the throat and reduce the overall inflammation present. Not only that, but it also coats the throat in a protective film that can provide temporary pain relief. Honey really is quite the cure all! 


Similar to honey, lemon also provides pain relief. Part of what makes a sore throat so uncomfortable is all the excess mucus in the throat that causes difficulty in breathing, speaking, and swallowing. Luckily, lemon can help break up and dislodge this mucus so you feel less discomfort. Lemon may also help boost your immune system due to the vitamin C it contains. This is especially useful because your immune system is what’s responsible for fighting any viruses or bacteria that enter your body, so it’s important that you keep it strong so you can get better faster!


Sleep might be harder to come by when you’re sick because of all the discomfort your body is under. However, getting enough sleep is essential because it strengthens your immune system. If you want to ensure you’re doing your best to support your immune system, chamomile tea just might be the answer you’re looking for. Chamomile tea is an herbal tea known for its sleep inducing and relaxation properties. So if you’re ever looking to bust your late night insomnia, try drinking a warm cup of chamomile tea.

How to make this soothing sore-throat-busting drink

Given that it’s only three ingredients, this tea is quite simple to make. All you need is: 

  • One cup water 
  • One tea bag of chamomile tea
  • ½ a lemon 
  • Honey to taste 

Begin by heating up your water. Once it has reached a boil, drop the tea bag into your mug and pour in your hot water. Let the chamomile steep for 5 minutes, then remove it and squeeze in the juice of half a lemon. Finish by mixing in your honey to taste. If you’re using honey sticks, taste test your tea often so you know you’re putting in the perfect amount for your sweetness preference. 

And that’s it! While this tea is simple, it’s incredibly effective for soothing sore throats. Try it out the next time you feel a little under the weather for instant relief and comfort!