What's the shelf life of honey?
There actually is not any expiration date or shelf life rating for honey. Honey can be preserved over decades and decades.  However, we recommend using our honeystix within 1 or 2 years for best flavor and quality.

How long until Honeystix show crystals?
Honey may naturally begin to form small sugar crystals as soon as a few months after it is made into Honeystix. The crystallization time will depend on the honey varieties and the storage conditions. 

Can I remove the crystals?
Yes, if you would like to have crystal free Honeystix, just put them in a bowl of warm water or in an oven at a low setting of 110-130 degrees until the crystals disappear. Many people love the crystallized form for its crunchy texture.


Do you give discounts for bulk orders?

Yes! If you'd like to place a bulk order, contact us at support@beemanhoneystix.com and we'll offer a price break with free shipping.