How It All Started

We created honey sticks one year when putting together our holiday gifts for customers at The Bee Man. In past years, we had given away jars of honey, handmade beeswax candles, and other Bee Man related products. However, we wanted to change it up that year with something small and sweet. Thus, the honey stick was born. 
Suddenly, at events and meetings, everyone was approaching us about our flavored honey sticks. Every November, our customers would start asking if our honey sticks would be available that year. They even requested to buy them from us! 
Once we realized how popular our honey sticks had become, we decided to form a separate company called Bee Man Honeystix. Our team is now dedicated to crafting unique and flavorful honey sticks for you to enjoy all year round! 

Bee Man Honeystix are the sweet treats for your healthy lifestyle!

Bee Man Honeystix are filled with all natural honey and are available in 8 sweet and colorful flavors: cinnamon, orange, sour lemon, pina colada, pure honey, green apple, peppermint, and sour blue raspberry. Try a taste of each with our variety pack or choose a pack of your favorite flavor! Ask about our bulk honey sticks if you are interested in a larger order. 
These honey sticks are perfect as a healthy snack on the run or a deliciously sweet topping for your favorite foods! It can also be used as a natural sweetener for your favorite teas and coffees. The easy to open pop-top seal allows you to enjoy honey sticks whenever you'd like and wherever you go.

Environmentally Friendly

We love our earth and are sensitive to polluting our environment with plastic, including straws in which many other honey sticks are packaged. The resin used for Bee Man Honeystix packaging is environmentally safe, as it is photo sensitive to ultraviolet light, and can be burned with no toxic smoke, just like paraffin wax. Also, the resin is completely recyclable, BPA free, and Kosher certified.

How To Open a Honey Stick 

Bee Man Honeystix are fun to eat and easy to open!
Method 1
Place the end of the honey stick between your front teeth with the end vertical and bite down to pop it open, just like popping open a sunflower seed.
Method 2
Place your thumb at the base of the seal and just flip upward, like flipping a coin, to pop the end open.

Nutrition Facts