use honey sticks when making chamomile tea

How To Use Honey Sticks To Make Honey Chamomile Tea

Honey sticks taste good on any type of drinks. Its acidic yet sweet flavor can make an excellent addition to many different drinks, especially tea. Yet certain combinations make it rise above the rest in terms of benefits and flavor profile. One of these ingredients is chamomile. Here, we will go over a tea combination using these primary ingredients and what they could do for you.


When these two flavors are combined to make honey chamomile tea, you're going to have a dark yet sweet subtle taste that will land on your tongue and travel down your throat smoothly, making your muscles quite pleased. Compared to other teas that utilize black tea leaves, the flavor isn't quite as strong, but perhaps that is what you're looking for so that other flavors can leave their mark on you. This can be due to how powerful these honey sticks for tea can be in making a difference in the overall flavor.

Health Benefits

The primary ingredient of the drink, chamomile, is known to provide a great slew of benefits. It helps people who are suffering from insomnia. Several test results showed that most people who have had chamomile incorporated into their drinks fall asleep faster compared to others. It is also known to help people deal with their anxiety more efficiently and assist you with any digestive issues that you may have. 

Other Benefits

Besides the previously mentioned benefits, chamomile is also helpful in preventing gum disease, specifically gingivitis. It helps reduce the buildup of plaque that could grow on your teeth. Besides assisting in your oral health, chamomile also helps in lowering your blood pressure, which can be a great boon to those who suffer from hypertension and diabetes. Drink this for a long period of time to lower your cholesterol levels, helping your overall health.


  • 2 chamomile tea bags
  • ¼ cup of milk
  • Ground cinnamon
  • 8oz of water
  • 1 honey stick


  • Boil some water and pour onto tea bags with a cup. Wait for six minutes before proceeding. 
  • While you're waiting, pour some honey from your honey stick and the milk into a cup and heat it once stirred.
  • Once both sets of ingredients are ready, pour them into one another and then stir. After this is accomplished, pour the cinnamon on top, and you should be ready to go. 


The dark taste of the tea and the sweet taste of honey sticks make an excellent contrast with one another. Throw in the health benefits that you could acquire if you were to consume this tea for a long period of time, and it would be quite difficult to turn such a lovely drink down. The fact that the ingredients are cheap and will not require much when preparing makes it all the more tempting.