Add your favorite honey sticks to your favorite DIY remedy or recipe to sweeten up your day

Honey Sticks Are The Sweet Thing You Need This Summer

As Summer quickly approaches, many people may be finding themselves turning to their honey sticks as a quick DIY remedy to help keep their skin moisturized, their body fueled, and as the perfect replacement to processed sugar. Revered as one of the greatest all-natural healing ingredients, honey can be found in countless home remedies, beauty routines, and beloved recipes. From its powerful antioxidants to its being a delectable all-natural sweetener, it’s no wonder that these easy-to-use and even easier to carry recyclable straws are a must-have this Summer!

Add your favorite honey sticks to your favorite DIY remedy or recipe to sweeten up your day


There’s nothing better in the Summer than getting outside and enjoying the warmth of the Sun, but unfortunately, our skin tends to sometimes disagree. Luckily, honey is considered a common foundational ingredient in most beauty products due to its deep moisturizing capabilities and one of the go-to ingredients in home remedies for treating sunburn! Honey has enzymes that allow it to be effortlessly absorbed by the skin while also diminishing inflammation and giving nutrients to the damaged tissues. 

You can utilize the great moisturizing qualities of honey by whipping up a quick DIY face mask. All you need is…

  • 1  honey stick
  • Clean and dry skin

Once you have those things, apply the honey to your skin and let it sit for 15-20 minutes. Use cool water to rinse.

To utilize the anti-inflammatory properties of honey for sunburns, all you need is…

  • 1 honey stick
  • Aloe Vera gel

Mix the honey stick with two parts pure Aloe Vera gel and then gently apply to sunburned skin.


The one thing you need before starting your day is energy. Though sometimes the mornings can be a bit tricky, the natural sugars within honey act as an instant energy boost, making it the perfect pick-me-up! With all the flavored honey sticks available, you could substitute honey over sugars or sweeteners in your morning tea, when you bake your favorite desserts, or even as the sweet finishing topping to your favorite foods! Honey is such a great natural energy booster due to the glucose that gets taken in quickly, providing the immediate energy boost, while the fructose is taken in slower, giving the body energy that is sustainable for longer. This also helps with preventing muscle fatigue which assists in improving athletic performance!


While tea and honey are delicious, the famous combination is also a highly recommended home remedy for when you’re feeling under the weather. This is probably because honey is as effective as one of the common ingredients found in over-the-counter cough medicine, dextromethorphan. Honey is also considered a good source of antioxidants that help protect the body from cell damage from the same free radicals that contribute to the aging process. So not only can honey provide benefits to you on the outside, but it also provides benefits that help you on the inside as well!

So as we continue to quickly approach Summer, whether you’re using honey sticks for tea, your beauty routine, your health regime, or as an energetic pick-me-up, you can rest assured that your honey sticks will get the job done!